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Peter VanKoughnett

Peter VanKoughnett


Peter is accepting new Low-Cost clients at this time.




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United Behavioral Health (UBH)
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Do you have painful patterns in your life that you’ve been struggling to shift? I work with couples and individuals to help develop strategies, perspectives, and psychophysiological changes in order to break out of these stuck patterns. Instead of blaming my clients for their problems, I work on a contextual level, understanding the social environment and life experiences that have led to the development of problematic patterns. I believe that therapy can be an invaluable tool for harnessing individual and collective resources in order to create lasting changes.

I chose to work at Minnesota Couple Therapy Center because I’m particularly drawn to working with couples, finding relationships endlessly fascinating and wanting to help people find and sustain satisfying intimate lives. I work with clients who are considering divorce, clients who are reeling from an affair, clients experiencing sexual difficulties, and clients who want to improve their communication dynamics. Working with atypical and non-monogamous relationships or family structures and queer relationships is an area of special interest for me. I am early in my formal career as a therapist, finishing up a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Wisconsin-Stout while working under supervision of Jean Budge, LMFT at MN Couple’s Therapy Center and at my university. I am studying and becoming certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a therapy framework which looks at the emotional patterns underlying difficulties and works to create deeper, lasting change by addressing these patterns.

I am currently seeing clients at the Roseville location Wednesday afternoons and evenings and at the Burnsville location Thursday afternoons and evenings. I also am available for telehealth sessions Wednesday through Friday.

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