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Christine Hunter

Christine Hunter



Christine is accepting new couple therapy clients at this time.




Private Pay

Maintaining a meaningful and close relationship in these modern times, with all the demands, hardships and distractions couples face, can at times feel overwhelming and maybe even impossible. I am a psychologist with over 25 years of experience, who is committed to helping couples strengthen their bond and form deeper and more meaningful connections with each other. I believe that strong secure relationships serve as a foundation for personal growth and exploration, but perhaps more importantly, they provide a refuge for the nurturance and love that we all need as we navigate the challenges and stresses of modern life. My approach to working with couples is based on EFT, emotionally focused couples therapy, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, PhD, which is an empirically researched, and effective model for couples’ therapy.

As a therapist, my style is engaging and interactive. I strive to approach each individual and situation from a stance of openness and curiosity. In my view, therapy works best when it is a collaborative endeavor in which therapist and clients work together to discover solutions. Our sessions will build on the strengths that already exist in your relationship and work to eliminate the negative, repetitive patterns of communication and interactions that block closeness and intimacy. Couples who are struggling often feel discouraged and even demoralized about the possibility of connecting with their partner. Finding a way to reinvigorate and instill a sense of hope for your relationship will be an important part of our work together. Repeatedly, experience has taught me that the capacity for change, growth and connection resides in each of us.

In addition to working with couples I have extensive training and experience in working with children, adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety disorders, major depression, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and learning disabilities. I am also knowledgeable in, and understanding of, the painful impact traumatic experiences have on individuals and couples.

I am licensed as a psychologist in the state of Minnesota.

I see clients on a private pay, fee for service basis and do not accept insurance.

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