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Discernment Counseling

When you need a safe place to discuss whether to stay together or split apart.

Discernment Counseling

Sometimes one person or both in a couple can feel extremely discouraged and even consider ending the relationship. We are aware of the pain and fear that can be involved as you contemplate how to move forward. Every direction can seem scary or daunting.

We want couples to have a place where each person can process these feelings and ideas about how to go forward. Discernment Counseling, developed at the University of Minnesota, is a way to get help when one or both of you are not sure if your relationship is sustainable.

Discernment Counseling lasts from one to five sessions. During each session you will meet together with a therapist, and then each partner will have some individual time with the therapist while the other waits in the waiting room.

During your individual time you will have the opportunity to address your ideas, fears, and possibilities for each of these three paths: having things stay as they are, moving towards collaborative divorce, or taking divorce off the table for a period of six months while each person gives an all out effort with the help of therapy, and any other recommended resources, to see if the relationship can be saved.

After your individual time, you will both come back together with your counselor to share with each other your current thoughts regarding the three paths and to decide if you want to meet with the counselor again.

Discernment Counseling


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