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Joshua Swanson




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We all need connection. We date and we love so we can feel the joys that connection can bring, whether that’s the thrilling passion of travelling the world together or the warm embrace of just sharing your life with someone you treasure. Looking for this connection can bring incredible highs, but also painful lows. I firmly believe in the importance of a healthy, safe connection with your partner and have special training to help you find it. My Masters in Counseling Psychology taught me how I can help you love yourself while also pushing for more of what you want in life. My special training in EFT helps me use your relationship with your partner to help you love each other and push for an even better relationship.

My background includes a lot of work with trauma. I have particular experience working with suicidal clients, making me very comfortable working with big issues. EFT, my focus, can help you and your partner find a better sense of connection and happiness. This therapy can also improve more concrete things, such as your ability to talk to each other and have a fulfilling sex life.

In individual therapy, I focus on dealing with feelings of shame and guilt. Negative feelings, such as anger, sadness, and fear, already hurt. Shame and guilt add another layer to that, which can make life feel unbearable. While I prefer to work with you on shame and guilt in couples therapy, we can also make great changes in individual therapy. Our therapy can help you accept yourself, love and be loved by your partner, and find hope that life can be better.