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Joshua Swanson

Joshua Swanson




Joshua is not currently accepting new clients.




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Optum (Medica, UBH, UHC)
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United Behavioral Health (UBH)
United Health Care (UHC)
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We all need connection. We date and we love, sharing the joys true connection brings. This means sharing the beautiful journey of life, celebrating the good times and working together through the bad times. Looking for this connection can bring incredible highs, but also painful lows. I firmly believe in the importance of a healthy, safe connection with your partner and have training to help you find it. My Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology taught me how I can help you love yourself while also growing to be your best self. My additional training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) helps me strengthen your relationship, helping you find more love in your life, both for yourself and your partner.

My background includes a lot of work with suicidal levels of depression and anxiety, showing me the struggles tough situations can create. EFT, my focus, can help you and your partner find a better sense of connection and happiness. I am also actively training as a sex therapist, giving me a unique insight into some of the challenges intimacy can bring.

In therapy, I aim to use the most updated research and evidence-based methods to help you heal. When things feel unstable in your relationship, the rest of your life can suffer as a result. When things feel stable in this relationship, however, you can experience the full beauty life can bring.

Josh is supervised by Kurt Wical, Ph.D, LMFT.

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