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Walk-In Counseling Center

If you need counseling, but you don't have financial resources and want to stay anonymous, The Walk-In Counseling Center is an excellent resource for FREE phone-in sessions. No appointment and no insurance is required.

For the past 50 years The Walk-In Counseling Center has provided free mental health counseling to help thousands of people address issues of depression, anxiety, chemical abuse/dependency, trauma, domestic violence and a variety of other emotional and interpersonal concerns.

Founded by a group of psychologists in 1969, the mission of The Walk-In Counseling Center is to provide free, easily accessible mental health counseling to people with urgent and immediate needs. This was in response to an unmet need for accessible mental health services in the Twin Cities.

The Walk-In Counseling Center is the only walk-in mental health service in the world (!) staffed entirely by volunteer clinicians.

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