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Carolyn Dehnbostel

Carolyn Dehnbostel


Therapist, Supervisor

Co-Founder, Billing Manager

Carolyn is not accepting new clients at this time.




Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Partners
Optum (Medica, UBH, UHC)
Preferred One
Private Pay
United Behavioral Health (UBH)
United Health Care (UHC)


I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor. I have been a therapist at the MN Couple Therapy Center since its inception in 2013.

I recommend that my couples who are trying to heal their connection read the book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, by Sue Johnson.

I have also been Level One trained in AEDP for individuals (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy). Both EFT and AEDP are experiential models based on Attachment Theory which find healing through relationship (with partner or with therapist).

I am certified in premarital and marriage enrichment counseling through the PREPARE/ENRICH program. This counseling includes skills teaching which is tailored to the couple's needs through individual computerized assessment. Topics may include communication, financial management, and conflict resolution. Receiving 12 hours of this type of counseling may help you receive a discount on your marriage license.

I have advanced training for Discernment Counseling from the University of Minnesota's Couples on the Brink Project (2013). Discernment Counseling is a specific format consisting of an intake phone call with each partner, and one to five sessions of joint and individual counseling with the goal of coming to a decision: either to 1) keep things the way that they are in the relationship, or 2) move towards a collaborative divorce, or 3) take divorce off of the table and do serious work with the help of a therapist for a period of six months before making a final decision. I recommend if you want to save your marriage which is on the rocks, that you read The Divorce Remedy, by Michelle Weiner-Davis. See also the Couples on the Brink website at the University of Minnesota for more information. Click here for the U of MN Couples on the Brink website.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I received my Master of Arts degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Alfred Adler Institute in 1998 (now called Adler Graduate School). I have worked in the mental health field in the areas of crisis counseling, in-home counseling with folks with serious and persistent mental illness, individual and group counseling in the correctional system, parent education for court-ordered persons, as well as Parents Anonymous groups. I have been in private practice doing couples therapy since 2009. I have been active in the MN EFT Community since 2009 and the MN AEDP Community since 2017. I have taught "Hold Me Tight" groups for couples. I am available for speaking engagements or classes for couples.

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