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Addiction Resources

Sometimes the issue in the relationship isn't the relationship at all, but the influence of an addiction on one or both partners. Addiction of any type (alcohol, drugs, eating, sex, gambling, etc.) can cause a major strain on a relationship. While Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples can help address the issues within the relationship, sometimes outside resources to address the addiction are necessary as well. We suggest the following resources to support you as a couple when you are coping with the stresses of addiction.

Step One in dealing with addiction is to admit you have a problem. Finding and attending an AA meeting will take you through the next steps. AA Minnesota helps you find the right meeting(s) for you.

Another resource for AA and addiction recovery, Partners in Recovery, is located within the same building at Mn Couple Therapy Center Roseville Office.

Al-Anon is an organization that supports individuals who are in relationship with someone struggling with addiction. Through peer support meetings, mentorship, and other community resources, Al-Anon helps you cope and build healthy boundaries for yourself as you love someone through their own challenges of alcoholism or other addiction.

Sex Addiction can quickly destroy a committed relationship. While Couple Therapy and EFT can help a couple effectively communicate, the parter(s) dealing with the addiction must address the addiction outside of EFT therapy in order for full healing to occur. Sex Addicts Anonymous is the best resource available for addressing Sex Addiction.

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