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Mindfulness Coaching & Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy and Mindfulness Coaching go very well hand-in-hand. Mindfulness Coaching is educationally based, while therapy is therapeutic and clinically focused. While your Therapist can dig into the deeper issues of trauma and mental health issues (anxiety, depression, adjustment, attachment), your Mindfulness Coach can teach you simple and specific techniques, skills and exercises (breathing, affirmations, posture & mechanics movements, etc.) to address symptoms and every day life stresses as they arise in the moment. Specifically, Mindfulness Coaching at the Mindfulness Online Academy is a mind-body-spirit approach where you will learn about the holistic integration of your physical/mental/emotional bodies as well as specific neuroscience techniques to reset your nervous system and change habits and patterns.

You go to your doctor because something hurts. Your doctor conducts and exam, asks questions, and runs tests to eventually figure out what is the root problem that needs to be treated. Then, the doctor prescribes you a treatment. That treatment may be medication, physical therapy, surgery, or some other procedure. More often than not, that doctor relies on other professionals to administer that treatment. And quite often that treatment requires a number of different things. For example, you might need some kind of pain management so that you can perform the challenging physical therapy. The doctor oversees the big picture of the many professionals and treatments offered by other professionals.

In the case of mindfulness and mental health therapy, your therapist is the doctor. They conduct the interviews, run the tests, ask the questions, and provide a treatment plan. A Mindfulness Coach would be one of those treatments that work to supplement and support the overall treatment plan. If your therapist diagnoses you with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, they will work with you to heal the past trauma related to that disorder. At the same time, your Mindfulness Coach will teach you specific exercises and techniques to address the symptoms of your anxiety, making it easier for you to face those deeper traumas and tragedies of your life.

The MOZI Method is a series of mindfulness exercises that has been tested and proven effective in reducing stress and symptoms with thousands of clients over the last ten years. Invented by the founder of the Mindfulness Online Academy, this series of 6 lessons is available as a book, online course, or one-on-one coaching. There is even a specific MOZI Method program for couples!

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